Deep Coverage of the Global FX and CFDs Market

Timely global market updates and automated alerts

As a broker, you are expected to provide your clients with a strong toolset to analyze the markets. By getting access to research and analytics, your clients will be able to identify market trends and become more active on the market.
Advanced Technical & Research Tools combines technical analysis on major and minor financial instruments, with ready-to-use financial widgets, and minute-by-minute market coverage that provides investors with empowering insights promptly.
  • Forex Sentiment Tool
  • Correlation Studies Tool
  • Forex Votality Tool
  • Fed Rate Hike Probability Tool
  • Forex Performance
Research Portal Functionalities
  • Educational Videos
  • 24/5 Market News Coverage
  • Easy Lookup
  • Advanced Technical Analysis
  • Frequent Financial Reports
  • Fully Customizable Trading Charts

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