Manage Your Market Exposure

An advanced platform to deliver exceptional risk-adjusted performance

Financial markets are full of surprises, and your brokerage business needs to be insulated from black swan events. We deliver advanced risk-management platforms that provide you with performance analysis and dynamic real-time risk controls.
Centroid 24 Platform
Centroid 24 (C24) is a fully-featured, risk-management platform. It leverages transactional data to improve the overall risk-adjusted performance, under different market conditions.
What Are the Platform’s Functionalities?
& Analysis
& Projection
& Capture
C-Connect Analytics Bridge
The C-Connect bridge interlinks brokers and liquidity providers. It secures your access to liquidity as well as real-time analytics to help you validate and implement an optimized hybrid brokerage model.
What Are the Platform’s Functionalities?
  • Customizable STP Modules
  • Full/Partial STP Execution
  • Customizable Order Processing Rules
  • Stable Real-Time Synchronization
STP, DD, and Hybrid Model
Whether you’re running an A-Book, B-Book, or Hybrid-Model, benefit from our smart solutions to manage market risks.
STP Model
DD Model
Hybrid Model

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